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Brick & Mortar is Now Brick & Mobile

‘Brick & Mortar’ is Now ‘Brick & Mobile’

You’re responsible for a business with retail locations in various marketing regions. Your biggest challenge is to bring in a continuous flow of new customers. In today’s B2C market, the secret is that the richest vein of new customers is reached through the mobile Web

Slyde is a Location Marketing Platform specially made for brick and mortar restaurant and retail businesses with multiple locations in various marketing regions. Slyde allows you to CAPTURE, DRIVE and REMARKET:

Capture. Slyde allows you to broadcast location-based deals driving mobile users into store locations.

Drive. Scannable mobile codes drive local customers right to your POS/mPOSsystem.

Remarket. Remarket via SMS is easy and effective.

Get Slyde and start converting your inbound mobile Web traffic!

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  • Brick & Mortar is now Brick & Mobile

    In 2019, Slyde launches a location marketing platform that aims to help enterprise restaurant businesses attract their mobile audiences in more powerful ways. Everyone knows mobile is the key to the future of retail, but the question is: how?

    Slyde presents a new way of thinking - a sliding window that presents location based store deals and scannable codes. Think of it as a 'promo wallet' that exists on the Website on your modern smartphone. 

    "The key is that mobile users are in a different mindset," says Cofounder and CEO, Jeff Williams "and we can just give them what they want in that mindset -- location deals, maps, phone numbers, coupons -- without disrupting the brand assets. Mobile users don't want another Website or App to download -- they just want one-tap actions and value. If you give them that access, they will become your fan."

    SMS coupons are just the beginning, says Williams, hyper-relevant, location-based content will be the way big brands connect with their consumers in the future. So, you can imagine live video feeds of the stores, social conversations, and other live marketing experiences that could be distributed via the Slyde platform. 

    For now, Slyde is rolling out to customers that have a large network of store locations, organized in DMA's or marketing regions, with an emphasis on locations with mPOS scanners that can scan smartphones. 

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