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Norfolk,  MA 
United States
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Espresso & Coffee Equipment - Sales & Service

Macdonald Restaurant Repair Service Inc is the premier sales and service Company of specialty coffee and espresso equipment in New England. With over thirty years of experience we offer our customers state of the art equipment, quality service and the experience to ensure that all your equipment needs meet the demands of the market for high quality espresso based beverages.

Our services are utilized by a wide range of food service professionals. Our customer base includes independent restaurant owners, regional and national chains, colleges, hospitals, hotels, business and industries and any where food is served.

Brands: Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino, WMF, Schaerer


  • WMF 1500S
    The WMF 1500S is our basic model for professional coffee indulgence. It offers a wide variety of specialties, consistently high quality, space-saving design, optimal reliability, user-friendliness and excellent price-performance ratio....

  • Who is the WMF 1500 S designed for?

    Many gastronomic operations or businesses with small to medium-size coffee consumption, such as bakeries or bistros, create culinary experiences on a daily basis for their guests. And the WMF 1500 S, with its high-quality coffee specialities, achieves these moments of indulgence perfectly – so yummy in fact, you simply can’t help sharing them.

    Is quality priority?

    Absolutely. The WMF 1500 S goes hand in glove with the fundamental principles of gastronomy: Quality down to the last detail. And this, of course, includes the coffee – a must for continuously enhancing the valuable reputation of your establishment.

    What makes the WMF 1500 S so special?

    The WMF 1500 S is the basic model for professional coffee indulgence. It offers a wide variety of specialities, consistently high quality, space-saving design, optimal reliability, userfriendliness and excellent price-performance ratio. And with the Dynamic Milk System, preparing the latest trendy specialities such as cold milk foam beverages, is just as much child’s play as creating the classic latte macchiato or cappuccino. Above all, the WMF 1500 S puts the yummy factor into gastronomy. 

  • WMF Espresso
    Automatic Portafilter Machine. Bridging the gap between two different worlds of coffee brewing, hand-crafted and automatic. This system guarantees consistently high quality espresso, allowing everybody to be a barista....

  • Features & Benefits:
    • Extensive software settings via Touch Display
    • Two air-cooled coffee bean hoppers for different varieties of coffee bean
    • Integrated grinders
    • Consistent and automatic tamping
    • Milk foam preparation (fully-automatic or traditional by using the manual steam wand).
    • Steam jet for cup warming
    • Automatic portafilter detection (single/double measure)

    Typical Customers for this machine are people who enjoy working with a traditional portafilter machine but at the same time don't want to compromise process reliability and consistency in beverage preparation. This includes coffee shops, cafes and bakeries.

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