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Choice ATMs & Smart Safes is a provider of ATMs, Smart Safes, and cash managment solutions that empower companies to streamline, automate, and secure their cash enviroment. Our customers rely on Choice ATMs & Smart Safes to help them inprove effienciencies, reduce risk, and increase profits to their bottom line.

At Choice, our goal is to create long-lasting customer partnerships by identiyfying their needs and providing solutions that suppor their success. We strive to deliver long term sustained growth through market leading innovation while providing quality installation, sales, and service

Choosing Choice ATMs & Smart Safes as your technology solutions provider means choosing quality as a prority. We take pride in providing the highest quality service in an accurate and efficient manner. In addition, the support we provide for our clients allows them to feel satisfied with their investment and partnership with Choice ATMs & Smart Safes.

Brands: Tidel, Triton, Nautilus Hyosung


  • Tidel Series 4 Smart Safe
    Designed with new levels of usability, convenience, and serviceability, the Tidel Series 4 helps retail organizations effectively manage their cash deposits while adapting to the ever-changing needs of their business....

  • Outstanding User Experience
    7-inch color console enables simple menu navigation
    Integrated printer with see-through screen, paper cutter and feeder
    Best in Class Serviceability

    Note validator maintenance door enables the clearing of note jams without the need for a service call CPU board and power supply located under console – greatly reducing service call costs
    Flexible Design

    Support for up to three different bottom options, including two distinct storage vaults Series 4 with no bottom option is 18″ high, ideal for space-constrained environments
    Network Connectivity

    Series 4 connects to the Tidel Tube Vend, Side Vault, and Narrow Side Vault, offering unique flexibility in managing the store’s change fund and facilitating extra storage capacity
    Note Capacity and Scalability

    Supports single or bulk note validators
    Supports XL (2,250) or standard (1,200) cassettes

  • Tidel Tube Vend
    The Tidel Tube Vend, when deployed with the Series 4, is a proven cash management system that helps retail organizations reduce the risk of internal theft, streamline in-store management time, and create greater efficiencies in store operations....

  • The Tube Vend is an effective solution to help a retail organization manage its in-store change fund. The Tube Vend offers 8 columns that can fit up to 11 tubes per column, and each tube can be fitted with either notes or coins. Once the tubes are loaded and recorded using the Series 4 console, the inventory is then automatically tracked and recorded as it is removed by authorized store personnel. The Series 4 end-of-day report will display the amount of cash removed by each employee, by user PIN, along with the amount of cash deposited into the Series 4 note validators or into the manual drop slot. The sum of all transactions, by PIN, will assist the manager in balancing each cashier against their cash sales recorded by the point of sale system. Tube inventory reports will inform the manager how much change is required to load the Tube Vend, which is typically a once per day function.

    Integrated tube loading gate that prevents unauthorized loading of tubes
    Stores 11 tubes of 8 denominations for a total of 88 tubes
    Each tube can hold up to 30 notes or a roll of coins
    Standard Cassette (1,200 note) version
    Weight:  316 lbs. (143kg)
    Height:  30.75″ (781 mm)
    Width:  22″ (559 mm)
    Depth:  19″ (483 mm) vault only
    Depth:  23″ (584 mm) overall

    XL Cassette (2,250 note) version
    Weight:  341 lbs. (154 kg)
    Height:  30.75″ (781 mm)
    Width:  22″ (559 mm)
    Depth:  24.5” (622 mm) vault only
    Depth:  28.5” (724 mm) overall

  • CorPoint Deposit Manager
    CorPoint™ Deposit Manager is an advanced, integrated
    cash deposit solution that streamlines deposit handling....

  • CorPoint™ Deposit Manager
     Smart Safe hardware-agnostic
     Compatibility with any armored carrier you
     Deposit visibility for all your retail locations
     Business intelligence analytics
     Reduced shrinkage and theft
     Reduced employee risk
     Simplified in-store cash operations and
    deposit reconciliation
     Reduced transportation expenses
     Option for daily provisional credit which
    improves cash flow and availability
  • Tidel Series 3 Smart Safe
    The Tidel Series 3 cash management system is designed for organizations needing a secure, reliable, and auditable solution to deposit their cash....

  • The Series 3 is targeted towards low to moderate cash volume organizations that require an automated system that helps reduce risk and improve operational efficiencies.

    Efficient, Simplified Design
    All cash management components in one integrated system
    Easy to use, quick to deploy
    Outstanding User Experience
    7-inch color console enables simple menu navigation
    Integrated printer with see-through screen
    Best in Class Serviceability
    Removable validator head enables the clearing of note jams without the need for a service call
    CPU board and power supply located under console – greatly reducing service call costs
    Network Connectivity
    Easily connects to a store’s network – via Ethernet or wireless – enabling full visibility to all system transactions from a remote location
    Note Capacity and Scalability
    Supports one note validator – single or bulk note feed
    Supports one standard (1,200 note) or XL (2,250 note) cassette

  • Hyosung ATM
    The HALO II provides the best value of any retail cash dispenser in the industry with added peace-of-mind from enhanced security features...

  • Innovative Design
    The HALO II offers a unique, sleek design perfect for locations ranging from small convenience stores to high-end retail ATM locations.  Eye-catching, customizable color LED lighting around the keypad attracts more users to drive additional transactions and revenue to your bottom line.  Nautilus Hyosung's intuitive application interface is presented on a vivid 10.1" color LCD screen, and all user touch points (screen interface, keypad and cash exit) are positioned for optimal visibility and access.

    Nautilus Hyosung continues to lead the industry in reliability and ease of service.  The HALO II uses proven cash dispensing technology engineered for maximum up-time widely regarded as the best in the industry.

    Ease of Use and Maintenance
    The HALO II provides a highly intuitive operator menu program that enables first time and veteran users to easily operate and service the machine.  It incorporates Nautilus Hyosung modular component architecture designed for high reliability, quick service and maximum accessibility.

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