Broken Shed Vodka

Southport,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 164a

Break Free with Broken Shed Vodka from New Zealand.

Brands: Broken Shed Vodka from New Zealand. Free of Gluten, GMO, Added Sugar and Additives.


  • Broken Shed Vodka
    Broken Shed Vodka from New Zealand. Uniquely crafted from two water sources and the finest whey distillate to create a world-class vodka. Broken Shed Vodka is Gluten Free, Free of GMOs, sugar-free and free of all additives. Made for martinis.


  • Broken Shed Vodka the Finest Spirit Money can Buy

    Distilled three times to the highest standards. Our spirit is crafted from New Zealand whey protein or as we call it “milk honey” — perfect for distilling into the purest spirit.

    The Secret is in our Water

    Vodka is 60% Water which makes it a critical part of our recipe. To create the perfect spirit we use two distinct New Zealand water sources and blend them to perfection with the distillate during production. We use the natural minerals in the water from a 15,000 year old aquifer in the South Island and blend it with pure spring water from the North Island of New Zealand, to create a balanced and unique water profile for our vodka. We are proud of our water sources — they are among the most desired and best tasting water in the world. Our naturally smooth taste is the result of water re-balancing and blending techniques. We use continuous depth filtering and a custom designed charcoal filtration process.

    Nothing More or Nothing Less

    Broken Shed Vodka™ is naturally smooth, containing only the whey distillate and pure spring water. It has no additives or sweeteners and is naturally gluten and GMO free.

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