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World-Class Craft Beers Brewed Fresh in Your Venue

Elevate your traffic, sales, margins and brand with a hospitality solution that is truly game-changing.

We set out several years ago to create a process that would allow venues to brew their own craft beers onsite in 150 square feet. Impressive as that is - allowing operators to brew their own customized brands of fresh craft beer in a  limited space - it simply wasn't good enough for us. 

We're a team of highly experienced and respected brewers and brewery manufacturers whose names over the last two decades have become synonymous with the highest quality products on the market. Our goal was never to simply let venues brew their own beers onsite.  It was to allow operators to brew world-class craft beers that could compete with the best in the world. 

SmartBrew is now winning medals at international beer competitions on a continual basis. So...

Case closed.

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 Press Releases

  • Charlottetown, PEI, Canada – Though education, creative local marketing, and a maturing consumer

    palate can be credited for craft beer consumption enjoying a gain of 40% over the past two years (now

    surpassing Budweiser in US sales), you’re very likely to see that growth accelerate as a result of a new

    factor: Access.


    Restaurants, bars and hotels around the world are now brewing their own fresh world-class craft beers

    onsite in just 150 square feet.


    Natural Brew Inc. – a company founded by industry heavyweights Peter Toombs and Brian Watson –

    introduced their automated SmartBrew system in New Zealand in 2013 and have since seen

    installations and demand in Canada, the US and Australia.


    The SmartBrew system features an automated SmartBrew “Control Unit” (the brains) and self-cleaning,

    self-sterilizing fermenting tanks. Though the system is compact compared to typical microbrewery

    setups, it’s capable of producing unlimited varieties in almost any style, with an impressive output of

    between 80 and 240 ½ barrel kegs of craft beer per month.


    “Up until now, brewing extraordinary craft beers meant huge amounts of space, constant

    cleaning, expensive mistakes, new staff requirements, and prohibitive costs”, says Natural

    Brew Inc. VP of Sales and Marketing Jeff Wilson. He goes on to say, “Patrons are demanding

    fresh, creative and complex beers using unique ingredients from around the world. We knew

    there had to be a way to allow existing operators to brew their own extraordinary craft beers

    onsite, so we spent the last few years perfecting a system and process that lets them. We can

    confidently say that we’ve done just that”.


    The SmartBrew team suggests that elevated brand, incremental food and liquor sales, increased traffic

    and revenue and merchandising opportunities are all benefits that their clients can expect by adopting

    this new system.


    Natural Brew’s President and Chief BrewMaster Brian Watson explains how the system works:

    “We spent years perfecting our wort stream varieties using nothing but the finest natural

    ingredients from around the world. Our operators simply feed the proper wort combination

    (depending on the style of beer they’re brewing) to the automated system and add the

    appropriate yeast. They then add hops to customize their beers to make them their very own.


    The automated SmartBrew system monitors the fermentation process, and perfectly

    carbonates their beer. That’s it. The real innovations here are the intuitive, self-cleaning

    brewing system and the wort recipes. We expect the impact on the industry will be huge.”


    Pressed for an assurance that the beers his operator venues brew are truly world-class,

    Watson responds “We’ve entered 9 prestigious international competitions. We’ve won 20

    medals. That’s unheard of, and it’s a testament not only to the ingredients we provide to our

    clients, but to the process itself. They’re making phenomenal craft beer products that are

    winning awards and customers. And that’s what this is all about.”


    SmartBrew® has in just the last year installed five systems in Canada, five in Australia, and a dozen in

    the US that have been or are about to be installed.


    About Brian Watson

    As an international BrewMaster, Brian has won more the 50 medals and set up breweries in North

    America, China, the UK, Ireland and Australasia. He is former Chief Judge of the New Zealand

    International beer awards, and he judges at the Australian Beer Awards as well as the World Beer Cup

    in the United States.



    To learn more about SmartBrew, please contact

    Jeff Wilson, Vice President – Marketing, Natural Brew Inc.

    54 Hillstrom Ave., Charlottetown, PEI, C1E 2C6

    902-402- 1452



  • SmartBrew
    The most advanced brewing system on the planet means every restaurant and bar can now brew their own brands of fresh world-class craft beers onsite in just 150 square feet....

  • Restaurants, bars, casinos and hotels around the world are now brewing their own fresh world-class craft beers onsite in just 150 square feet.  This is your key to elevating your traffic, sales, margins and brand. You're going to work with celebrity BrewMaster Brian Watson to find exactly the profiles you want, and you're going to brew any of 40 different styles of beer exactly to your liking.  It's what your patrons are demanding; fresh, extraordinary beer.  

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